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I am a biological sciences graduate student driven to learn and achieve my maximum academic potential. My goals include microbiological research with a specialization in Public Health related diseases/bacteria.  

If you make your way to the "Education" tab, you will see that I received my Bachelors Degree in the winter of 2021 from the University of Nevada, Reno in Public Health with a specialization in Community Health Sciences. But there is a little more to that story...
I began my undergraduate degree as a Pre-Nursing major. I aced my HESI exam, earning a 100% on the A&P section, along with high 90s in the other sections. However, I quickly learned the point system created for the UNR Orvis School of Nursing program is fairly skewed and flawed. Andddd then COVID hit, and I could no longer use my ✨amazing✨ HESI score. I did not give up, though. So I took the TEAS exam. My scores were not as great, so I (once again) did not get accepted. This was discouraging at first, but I was actually thankful for this. I said to myself, "Michaela, do you want to try again, or do you want to graduate with a different degree and pursue a similar field that you actually enjoy?" So I did just that. I graduated a semester EARLY with a Public Health degree (still a BS) and went on to research Master's programs. And that lead me to Chico State... 
I ended up reaching out to many programs in California, searching for the program and advisor that would jumpstart my career and honestly give me back my passion for academics. I spoke to many advisors, and none were really sticking out... until I met Emily. She was on sabattical in Germany at the time of our first interaction. And yet, she made time to speak to me on a zoom call. Mind you, it was like 8pm her time, and she had been working all day. But she made a point to sit down with me (for literally an hour btw when I assumed this call would be like 10min), speak to me about her project, and even teach me a little background about what microbiological research is. 
Coming from a Public Health degree, I did not have much microbiology experience, except for 1 class I took my sophomore year (shout out to my lab TA) in which I completely enjoyed. So that is the direction I decided to go. And Emily knew this, she knew what she was signing up for- a new grad student who has basically no experience in this field. And yet, she wanted me. She went OUT OF HER WAY to make sure I applied properly, had all my documents, and got accepted into her lab. I have never experienced so much support right off the bat from someone who I barely knew. And she knew nothing about me. But she had faith. 
Now we are almost 2 years into the program, and I could not be more thankful for the consistent encouragement, support, and endless patience I am getting from her. 
I truly found a love for research that I firmly believe I may not have obtained working as a Nurse. 
Something I always say is "I like bacteria because it doesn't talk back to me." Kinda awkward I know, but funny and true! 
CSU Chico
So now you are all up-to-date on my experiences for the past 6 years that got me to where I am today.
I have succcessfully passed my qualifying exam and am currently working on my Thesis as well as finishing up my research. I know why they call it "RE-search" now... so many do-overs! lol
Anyway, with this degree and the extensive gained knowledge of basic laboratory techniques, I hope to combine both my degrees in the future and work with some sort of epidemiologist or health organization to research the bacteria causing so many epidemics that we, unfortunately, are still experiencing today. 

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